Time to be honest …?

I weighed myself today.  Nothing unusual in that.  It’s my weekly ‘treat.’  No more than once a week, no less.  Just once.  I’m not sure of the science behind it – all I know is that I don’t think I could bear any more than having to go through this once a week.  Men, on the other hand – a quick hop on and off (the scales that is …) after a session in the gym and that’s it.  No thought.  No Dread.  No problem.

I thought long and hard about whether to divulge my weight to you all  in my first blog and came to this conclusion.  There is no hiding the fact that I’m a big girl.  A fuller-figured woman.  A BBW.  However you want to label it.  The fact is, I’m 5ft 9”, a size 18 (size 16 on a good day) and, as of today, I weigh … sorry guys, I just don’t know you well enough yet!  But I couldn’t be happier!  Why?  Because I’ve weighed ‘x’ stones for over a year.

There are two strange things about that:  1.  I really don’t eat a lot (which is a problem in itself) and 2. I’ve weighed exactly the same for a year – not a pound more and, unfortunately, not a pound less.  So yes, what I weigh is far from perfect but today I weigh ‘x – 1/2 stone.’

I know I need to lose several stones … BUT it’s finally shifting.


Over the last month, I’ve finally figured out several things.  Not quite an epiphany but a few things have just clicked into place.  I’ll explain more in another post.

In the meantime, however, yes I’m still overweight, but don’t hold that against me.  There’s more to me than wobbly bits, as you’ll hopefully find out!

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